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Lonsway Automotive Inc., & Towing has been providing expert auto repair in Toledo, OH and the surrounding areas since 1965.  We believe in treating every customer honestly, fairly and respectfully.  After decades of providing quality, affordable auto repair, we have built our business on loyal customers and referrals.

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Brake Repairs, Rotors and Drums

One thing most us take for granted is the ability to stop.  The concept is simple.  You need dependable brakes if you depend on stopping your car.  Something simple like stepping on the brake and the pedal going all the way to the floor, or stepping on the brake and your steering wheel starting to shake.  Don't forget about the constant grinding noise when step on the brake.  These are all symptoms of very serious brake problems.  Routine brake maintenance, brake line inspection and replacing your brake pads and brake drums at the manufacture recommended intervals is an important part of having dependable brakes.  After all, it's about the only thing that is going to safely stop a moving vehicle from running into you or anything around you.  Lonsway Automotive has been the auto repair mechanic for generations, and will continue to carry on that tradition for years to come.

Alternators, Starters and Batteries

When you have a dead battery, your car won't start, or your car won't stay running.  Our mind immediately starts to think the worse.  Why won't my car start? Is it something simple?  Who can I call for advise?  The truth is, you're absolutely right.  You do need to call someone.  You need to call Lonsway Automotive to help.

If your battery won't start and stops turning over, you wither need a jump or a new battery.

If you get your car started, but it won't stay running, it could be your alternator.

If your car won't turn over or start, you probably need a new starter.

These are usually just the car troubles that result from more serious issues that need auto repair also.  For example, your battery may be dying because the alternator has quit charging your battery.  Your car may not start, because your starter is going out and your battery may die from trying to start without success.  The alternator or the starter could be damaged from an oil leak.  These are very common issues, but can fester into more serious issues.  Leave this to the experts.  Here are Lonsway Automotive, we have your best in interest at heart.  Our expert auto repair mechanics will get to the bottom of your car problems and provide solutions for you to make your decision, before we move forward with any car repairs.  Our #1 focus is to get you back on the road, completely satisfied with the auto repair service you have received.  

Get a customized fleet maintenance solution for your company today

Have a large number of vehicles that need maintenance on a regular basis.  Let us help you.  We will keep your whole fleet running in tip top shape.

All auto repairs done right the first time guaranteed

Your fleet of cars or trucks will be serviced right the first time. There is not a single detail our expert technicians will miss.  Rely on our auto services so you can have the most reliable vehicles on the road.  This is not only important for your safety, but it's important for the safety of everyone on the road.

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Secure Outdoor Storage For Your Camper Or Boat

10% OFF parts on all fleet accounts (employees included) and more

  • ASE Certified technicians, gas and diesel

  • Saturday hours keep you rolling during your busy week

  • Do it right the first time repair

  • Computerized maintenance schedule tracking

  • All auto repairs warrantied 6 months / 6000 mile

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